Friday, June 11, 2010

Latest Links and Featured Pages

We've added a link button on the righthand nav sidebar to Jaimie Muehlhausen's "Ones That Got Away" guitar blog. Great reading and pics, interesting instruments and shared experiences worthy of your attention. Links on his page will take you to his graphic arts business page (wow!), his music groups pages, and a couple of the funniest pages on the interweb. Check 'em out!

Next up is "Ugly Bass Player". Slade McComb's newbie-friendly, information-packed web forum about all things bass related. Lurk there for awhile and you'll be pulled into participating with ease, this is a unique site for the beginning to experienced bassist. Gear classifieds, and more.
"No Depression" has been one of the premier magazines featuring roots / Americana style music for years. Visit their web version and artist pages for a great selection of articles and music.