Friday, May 28, 2010

No Chocolate Cake

Cake is good, Cake the band AND cake the food. Another band we here at Tonebender love is The Gin Blossoms. Yes, they were big in the 90's. Did you know that they are still a big draw on most major venues country-wide? They have put out an album in 2006, Major Lodge Victory, which did very well and now have new one ready for release this summer titled No Chocolate Cake. Their world-wide internet following is tremendous. The music reaches across all ages, it's infectious and they never seem to have a bad show.

I have heard several of the new tunes when they played locally and this should be another great album by the guys. The music they make is something they love, not just a job like so many other bands. This enjoyment comes through in their live performances. All of the band members are true gentlemen and a pleasure to interact with.

Jesse Valenzuela uses a Tonebender custom tele on stage and in the studio in rotation with some of his other favs, and Bill Leen favors a Tonebender DarkStar P-bass for a majority of the touring shows and studio work. Scott Johnson has demo'd a couple of TB guitars at shows and had great results and positive comments for me on them. Robin Wilson, the lead singer, and John Richardson, the drummer, have both commented on the great tone of the instruments the other guys are playing.

So look for No Chocolate Cake out this summer and listen for the Tonebender tone on some great new tunes by these great musicians.