Saturday, December 01, 2012

Fine In Pine

Newest Resobender in great looking lightweight sugar pine! The tone is fantastic, the grain is really nice and the best part is it's light like a feather. Kickass stacked humbucker tele neck pickup and Schatten piezo deliver that infamous resobender tone. A great gift for yourself this Christmas that includes a sweet Guardian tweed SG size hardschell case. This one won't last long, email us for details!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Washroom Blues

One of the TB road warriors out on tour. We'll take those photo pimps from wherever you can get 'em. Chris Clark from Nashville - photo cred to Michael Jeffers.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sleepless in Santa Monica

The fine folks at McCabe's Guitar Shop in beautiful downtown Santa Monica California, have stocked a Tonebender Resobender this month. This historic shop always has a large supply of the best and most unique instruments in the southland. We are honored to be part of that group.

Also McCabe's is famous for some of the coolest entertainment in the evenings at the shop. The back room doubles as a small concert hall and some great famous acts appear there regularly. Check their schedule on their website for more info.

Please stop in and browse the coolness, shoot the breeze with the friendly and helpful staff, and play a couple of the neat instruments there - including the Resobender. Hit them in the evening for a unforgettable concert experience.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Them folks loves us some Resobenders

Well, I know I'll get some crap over that post title, but I believe it to be true. The latest offerings from the TB custom shop are just that much fun.

One will be headed to Texas for my friend Ray in a couple of days and the other one is going to get flogged here in the shop and probably end up as a demo unit for my tone diggin' friends to try out. Rays unit is the Snakefarm Special with a custom '49 snakehead tele headstock design neck and beautiful ash body from Tim at TK Custom Guitars. A 70s era DiMarzio stacked humbucker strat pickup sings in the neck position and the standard Schatten piezo is on duty on the biscuit bridge.

The Fake Snake is sporting a faux snakeskin pearl pickguard over a super lightweight poplar body with a Fender Vintage Noisless neck pickup and Schatten piezo in on the bridge.

Find out what all the fuss is about with these guitars - you'll be glad you did!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Angels & Devils

Any time you are in business for yourself and have a supplier that always comes through in a pinch, that's a great feeling. They make some mistakes in the course of 10+ years, but always own up to it and make it right. They genuinely care about your business no matter how big or small, and they let you know it in many ways.

We have such a supplier in The Music Link, based out of the bay area in Hayward, California, with an eastside location in Knoxville, Tennessee, they may be better known to you guys as the parent company for Johnson & AXL guitars. They now sport several top level marques like VHT Amplification, Recording King Guitars, The Loar, Lucida, Palatino, Coda , Guardian, and several more well known brands.

This week they stepped up with a generous discount for us on a great OOO solid top acoustic guitar for our friend Cody Piscitelli in Idaho, who is bravely recovering from a motorcycle crash that has left him without use of his legs. We know that not only is the guitar a great natural relaxer and stress reliever, but that it also sharpens up hand/eye coordination, memory, and other motor skills. Add to that the satisfaction of accomplishing learning to play but also the enjoyment others get from a successful player, and you get a can't miss rehab tool and friend for life.

Tonebender would like to thank The Music Link's Misha Guiffre for helping us out with this and our motorcycling buddy Big Mike Borger for his efforts in getting folks involved with Cody and his journey. Anyone wishing to donate to this gift for Cody can hit our Paypal at  tonebenderproducts AT  . Any proceeds exceeding the cost of this effort will go directly to Cody's family for help with the bills.

Always love it when the angels win.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Resobender "Top Shelf" Goldtop

Ah, gold.

Dreams are filled with it. Well, so are teeth...but I digress. This one is the first high-end production model of the new "Top Shelf" Resobender line. Lots of attention to detail, nice low action for pickers, but still enough room for the slide players.

The neck is a 7.25" radius F-spec maple on maple unit, painted gold on the back and entire headstock, frets are professionally leveled, crowned and polished, and the fretboard is finished in an aged clear poly finish that is practically bullet-proof. Vintage Kluson style Gotoh tuners, vintage button string trees and a bone nut complete the headstock end.

The gold paint finish on this beauty was done by Pat Wilkins in Van Nuys, California. Fret finishing by David Sprowl at Stringwalker Lutherie in Palmdale, CA.

The body is ash with a 12k ohm Fender Vintage Noiseless stacked humbucker neck pickup and a Schatten piezo pickup on the biscuit bridge for just the right amount of reso-cone clank. A 'chicken-headed' blend pot finds the perfect balance between the two for every playing application. The neck pickup is in line with a 250k CTS volume and tone pot setup including a .033 orange drop tone capacitor both topped with Remington shotgun shell knobs. Output jack is a USA Switchcraft unit held in by an Electrosocket jack cup for easy on-stage hookups.

The 9.5" National style spun aluminum resonator cone and 'colander' cover plate lend themselves to great acoustic tones that are loud enough to practice with the guitar 'unplugged'. All of this is protected by a sweet guardian SG size tweed hardshell case.

Contact us for more details and pics. This one is for sale, but will not last long.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

"Beans & biscuits in my cupboard..."

"...listening to Ray Wylie Hubbard..." -  Down The Road Tonight by Hayes Carll

Here's a little Ray for you, demo'ing the TB Resobender at McCabes last month. He's got one on order now. Pics to follow as soon as they can.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nashville Time

Gotta new one out in the land of demo. This is Resobender number 4 prototype (we almost have the final config). This one went to Nashville to get some pickin' time in with Tyler Hall, pedal steel picker for Joe Nichols. We'll keep you updated on it's travels with this rising star. 

Thursday, May 03, 2012

New Model Slice

 There’s a new sheriff in town. "Resobender" is the go-to name now, thanks for everyone's input.

 The base configuration of this guitar is a telecaster. Poplar or swamp ash body with a 7.25 radius maple neck and a choice of maple or rosewood fretboard. The poplar is very light and is used for vintage distressed paint finishes AKA “relic” treatments. The swamp ash is also light but has a nice grain for more traditional natural tinted or clear finishes. The body gets considerably lighter after the resonator well is machined out. It comes fitted with a National style spun aluminum cone, piezo pickup, and radiused biscuit bridge under the chromed cover plate.

A Fender Vintage Noiseless stacked humbucker neck pickup is wired into CTS 250k volume and tone pots with a 0.033 Orange Drop capacitor. The desired amount of piezo “cone-tone” is added with a 250k blend pot prior to the Switchcraft / Electro-Socket output jack assembly. A Gibson style stop tailpiece at the bottom of the face of the body keeps the action nice and low. Remington shotgun shell knobs on the volume and tone and a classic chickenhead on the blend pot top off a “git-r-done” look to this guitar. Vintage Kluson style Gotoh tuners and classic Fender style button string trees top off the neck. Two different pattern coverplates are used and are subject to availability, “colander” or “chickenfeet” style.

 Finally, the real beauty of this model is the reason why resonators were invented in the first place. This unit plays exceptionally well (and loud) acoustically. Perfect for pickin’ out a tune in the living room at home without disturbing anyone. Plug it in and throw a slide on your finger and watch out, it’s a tone monster. Truly the best of both worlds. We have a couple of beta-testers out there and we’ll forward their comments and experiences as they come in. So stay tuned for more…