Thursday, May 03, 2012

New Model Slice

 There’s a new sheriff in town. "Resobender" is the go-to name now, thanks for everyone's input.

 The base configuration of this guitar is a telecaster. Poplar or swamp ash body with a 7.25 radius maple neck and a choice of maple or rosewood fretboard. The poplar is very light and is used for vintage distressed paint finishes AKA “relic” treatments. The swamp ash is also light but has a nice grain for more traditional natural tinted or clear finishes. The body gets considerably lighter after the resonator well is machined out. It comes fitted with a National style spun aluminum cone, piezo pickup, and radiused biscuit bridge under the chromed cover plate.

A Fender Vintage Noiseless stacked humbucker neck pickup is wired into CTS 250k volume and tone pots with a 0.033 Orange Drop capacitor. The desired amount of piezo “cone-tone” is added with a 250k blend pot prior to the Switchcraft / Electro-Socket output jack assembly. A Gibson style stop tailpiece at the bottom of the face of the body keeps the action nice and low. Remington shotgun shell knobs on the volume and tone and a classic chickenhead on the blend pot top off a “git-r-done” look to this guitar. Vintage Kluson style Gotoh tuners and classic Fender style button string trees top off the neck. Two different pattern coverplates are used and are subject to availability, “colander” or “chickenfeet” style.

 Finally, the real beauty of this model is the reason why resonators were invented in the first place. This unit plays exceptionally well (and loud) acoustically. Perfect for pickin’ out a tune in the living room at home without disturbing anyone. Plug it in and throw a slide on your finger and watch out, it’s a tone monster. Truly the best of both worlds. We have a couple of beta-testers out there and we’ll forward their comments and experiences as they come in. So stay tuned for more…